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Six years ago I started down this road of making images. A voice inside was calling me to create something bigger than myself – I still don’t quite understand it but the gravitational pull is stronger than ever. This year I learned that I want to avoid labels at all costs. Labels seem limiting in […]

A night in the woods with Nicole, Aaron, and family celebrating their love – it really doesn’t get much better than that. I’ve always been drawn to these intimate weddings. Emotions are out in the open and the smiles are hard to hide. Just how I like it. I’ll let the images take it from […]

Ever so often I come in contact with a couple that shows me a new side of life. Something beyond words. Something I can feel but can’t put into sentences. Even now reflecting back I am struggling to articulate the bond I witnessed between Meg and Sean. Hopefully these images do it some justice. I […]