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Winter in the Midwest can be particularly long. The days become grey and evening comes too early. This gives me plenty of time to think about how I want to pursue my vision. Pushing myself to focus more on worthwhile projects has been at the center of these thoughts. It has become so easy to […]

2014, you were a wild ride. Laughter was abundant and tears were shed – often within the same day. That’s what it means to be alive. I have no desire for these images to go viral. No desire for fame. I just hope they make you feel something. Ultimately that’s the gift I seek to […]

VSCO’s latest release the Alternative Process Collection is another killer set of presets for Adobe Lightroom. I tend to view any release they offer in a “what can it do for me?” mindset over the “how well does it emulate film.” This allows me to break the presets down in practical terms and this ultimately […]