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Spent the evening roaming Crown Heights with Jessi and Ray. It may seem hard to believe but they’re even better people than they are models – and that’s saying something. Can’t wait to see the impact y’all make on NYC. Go get it. Jessi & Ray // Brooklyn from Christian Gideon on Vimeo.

The two words that define success for me. When I meet someone that have both I’m always drawn to what makes them tick. Their vision for the future. Their drive. The little things that motivate them as a person. Since the day I met Rupert he’s been both hungry and humble. Our conversations at the […]

Six years ago I started down this road of making images. A voice inside was calling me to create something bigger than myself – I still don’t quite understand it but the gravitational pull is stronger than ever. This year I learned that I want to avoid labels at all costs. Labels seem limiting in […]