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It’s time to break through and take control of you imagery. After tons of DMs about what presets I use I’ve decided to offer a comprehensive class covering editing workflow. If you’re new to this and intimidated – I got you. If you’ve been in the game for a minute and want to finally learn how to bring out your style – I got you. This is an intensive 2 hour class the covers the following.

-Color grading
-Shooting for the look you want
-Color Theory
-Understanding how tones make an image
-Film and/or digital workflow
-Defining your unique style

No more bs. Editing isn’t slapping someone else’s preset on your art. Editing is a workflow that brings your hard work to life. This class is available in person or via Facetime/Skype. Each session is designed to specifically address the needs of each artist.

If you’re serious about growing as an artist and want to grab one of the spots drop me an email through the contact form above for info.