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Rebrand (Phase I)

This past winter was a long one on my end. Welcomed by desolation, introspective days turned into introspective weeks. I found the same questions kept bubbling up from my subconscious. Why do I create? How do I create work that stands the test of time? What does my ideal client look like? And where will I find these answers? I’ve consistently been a driven person, but that drive occasionally comes with roadblocks. When my artistic drive grew stagnant, I knew it was time to make a change.

My number one priority was to invest in new branding – something that’d been on the backburner. Pushing myself to establish this identity came with a sense of urgency I hadn’t felt in a while.

In my search for a designer I sought two key aspects: talent and chemistry. Early in my quest, I was introduced to Maddy Cushman. We began the conversation with intent to incorporate my current inspirations into the life of this branding. I explained I had an affinity for florals and pastels but wanted to keep the identity masculine and strong as well. At my core, this how I self identify.

After sending over a few mood boards for inspiration, I handed over the reigns to Maddy. I connected with her work immediately, so giving her my trust was integral from day one. I could sense she was all-in on this project, and the collaboration continues beyond the digital product.

This is Phase I. The tip of the iceberg. Phases II & III will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Phase I is purely the digital manifestation of my identity. One of the first things I mentioned to Maddy was my love for soccer and how many clubs use an alternate third kit (jersey) that tends to be experimental. This inspiration led to the development of a color pallet to be used fluidly between alternate logos and design elements. She illustrated the main logo beautifully – incorporating each color from the palette while marrying my love of florals. From there, she designed alternate minimalistic logos that are extremely versatile. These allow for unmatched adaptability when creating new materials.

Below are mockups for business cards, letterhead, and journal (coming soon).

Perhaps most impressively, Maddy designed dynamic templates for Instagram stories to be used when featuring new work here on the website.

I’ve been so inspired through working with Maddy on this project. Her drive and passion made me remember what I wanted when I started – to hold myself to the highest standard in all aspects as an artist. I can’t thank her enough for the push. Here’s hoping my work can match the standard you’ve set.

More of Maddy’s incredible work can be seen here.