#clayandhope One of the most intimate, beautiful experiences I’ve ever photographed. Two individuals intertwined in complete love and vulnerability. May we all find a piece of that in this life. Can’t thank Ann Millington enough for her incredible talent in photographing alongside me on this day. Documenting this story wouldn’t have been complete without you.

The hottest party of the summer - 100+ degrees in Chicago with Pooja and Edwin. Wouldn’t have had it any other way. Edwin. Pooja. Thank you from way down deep for trusting me with this day. You two have a magnetism I’ve rarely felt in this life. It was an absolute honor to able to […]

A whirlwind year of photographing soccer. Traveled to both coasts and a little bit in between. Huge thanks to everyone who made a vision come to life by giving me a chance. Here’s to taking all this to new heights. For more soccer/football work check out my site here