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Last month I had the opportunity to document the first ever match between two Major League Soccer teams based out of New York City for Heineken and Team Epiphany  Some of these images will be on display at the Heineken House in Manhattan for Heineken Rivalry Week (directions on website).   I highly recommend grabbing tickets […]

After spending some time in Texas we headed south of the border for a few days of shooting for Brixton in Monterrey, Mexico. The U.S. State Department website had quite a few warnings detering Americans from traveling there but what we experienced was the complete opposite. Everywhere we went the locals went out of their […]

Recently spent a few days in the Rockies catching up with my cousin Courtney. We talked life, happiness, and reminisced on the days of our youth. I came to a realization through our conversations - happiness is believing some of the best days of your life are still ahead of you. I’ll leave you with […]