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How Bad Do You Want It?

I’m teaming up with the super talented Jesse Pafundi of Golden Hour Studios for one day of sharing our knowledge and passion in NYC this July. We’re focusing on pushing our attendees as both artists and small business owners. A bit of a left brain/right brain 1-2 punch.

Over the past few years Jesse and I have become good friends as we expanded from shooting primarily in our local markets to across the U.S. and internationally. Our goal is to share with you the unique vision and skillset we’ve developed to make this happen.

Here are just a few of the main topics we’ll be covering.

- Growing a business that you love and loves you back
- Knowing your numbers, pricing for profits & making money
- Why shooting what you’re passionate about is everything
- How to find your voice in what you share on social media
- Shooting for the edit and dominating your workflow
- Finish with a live shoot in the city

When: July 9th

Where: NYC

Time: 12-8 pm

Cost: $500

LIMITED TO TEN SEATS - to join us reserve your spot here