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4 Acre Motel Collab

My work has always been driven by an a desire to make everyday life beautiful. The places we pass by on our morning commute. The moments we lack time for. Simplicity was the driving force behind this editorial collaboration with Olivia. No stylist, make up artist, or set design. White tshirt. Jeans. That’s it. The goal was to bring forth a cinematic, melancholy feel to the images. No more. No less. Huge shoutout to Olivia for braving the rough neighborhood to make this happen.

P.S. - Artists out there - there’s something pure about personal work like this. The process of having 100% control over what you create is liberating. This is where I find the most growth in my work. When I’m able to let me thoughts breathe a bit while working. Shoot what you love and the work will come. Trust me.

One last thing I want to get out there. We often look at our ability to create in terms of the resources we have access to. The camera we have. The new lens. Epic locations. What we SHOULD be looking at our own resourcefulness. Make what you can with what you have.