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Bored is Beautiful

Winter in the Midwest can be particularly long. The days become grey and evening comes too early. This gives me plenty of time to think about how I want to pursue my vision. Pushing myself to focus more on worthwhile projects has been at the center of these thoughts. It has become so easy to go create an image -> post to Instagram -> receive likes -> repeat. As someone who really cares about the depth of the work they create, this leaves me unfulfilled. The project below was created out of this unfulfillment. I needed to push myself to create something new. Something that took some commitment to see through. The words are written to us all as a reminder to find the brilliance in our minds. Disconnect from our screens and circle back to the beginning of the creative process.

This is where it starts. Join me.

We’ve come to see being entertained as our universal right. Downtime has become full of noise. We hit the refresh button instead of pondering the great unknowns. We don’t need statistics to understand we have become disconnected from our own thoughts.
This is a film (and accompanying images) about letting our thoughts take us somewhere. Letting the magic we all have locked away come to the surface. This is an ode to boredom. Let being bored become beautiful.