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Dealing with doubt

I’ve always been fascinated by the way our minds approach photography (and creating art in general) so when I read this bit of gold from Seth Godin I had to share. He makes the point that “anxiety is nothing but re-experiencing failure in advance”

I know when I first started out that nerves and self doubt were huge barriers to overcome. When I started focusing on the aspects of an upcoming shoot (light, composition, the feel I wanted the shoot to have) I noticed immediate growth. There’s only those two roads you can go down - choosing to live in fear of failure or honing in on what it takes to get better.

There’s no better time to get rid of fear than right now.

P.S. - I’m considering sharing more posts about the psychology of creating and would love your feedback on what I’ve written so feel free to comment below or share this post.

positive words for artists experiencing anxiety

Chantal Stone - June 2, 2014 - 3:04 pm

i suffer from near-crippling self-doubt and anxiety. Not when shooting—holding a camera in my hands gives me all the confidence I need. But posting images, sharing personal work, feeling like the projects I begin are even worth completing—-this is my curse. Anything you write on the subject will be welcome :)