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Portfolio Musings

For the majority of my time shooting professionally I’ve never had a portfolio. A portfolio seemed to be a “showing off” of sorts to me - a way of bragging about 20 or so images that don’t necessarily represent the overall quality of one’s work.

I realized I had it all wrong. Backwards. My portfolio didn’t need to be some highlight reel. My portfolio needed to be a collection of images that evoke emotion in the viewer. The same emotions I sought to convey and that I felt so deeply about my subjects. That’s the bond we share. That’s the way to attract the “right clients.”

That being said I’ve put together a portfolio site of images that move me. All of this work has it’s roots in documenting pure, honest moments in life. These are the photographs that I dream about creating on sleepless nights. I hope you connect with them, and if you do - let’s create something wonderful together.

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