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Romanticism on South Street

Every so often if we’re lucky, we get to experience a magical moment in life. Our own little movie scene. Non-scripted, real, spontaneous. Last night as everyone was preparing to send Kourtney & Kurk off at their wedding I noticed these musicians playing (quite well I might add) across the street. As the newlyweds made their way to the getaway car, these guys came out in the street and serenaded them. They didn’t try to steal the show or upstage what was going on either. Their touch was just perfect. I don’t have any idea who you guys are but you made an already amazing moment even more perfect. Thank you for having the guts to make it happen.

P.S. if you see this post, let me know - you’ve got a session on me anytime you want.

UPDATE Someone gave me a hot tip and we found them. Coyote Union you guys are beyond awesome!

Wedding at The Veridian in downtown Springfield, Mosparkler wedding exit at weding