Studio Soft Launch

Last year as I was traveling solo through the south of France and paid a visit to the studio of the artist Paul Cézanne.  After his death in 1906 his family left his natural light studio completely untouched.  His essence remains here – gorgeous natural light floods through huge windows and his paint brushes fill the room. I left his studio inspired to create a space of my own in this vein.  A studio that amazing work can be made through all artistic disciplines.  A place where artists are encouraged to take risks and experiment.

If you’re reading this you know I’m opening up my natural light studio space.  Since this is a soft, under the radar launch, it goes without saying I’d love to have you create here.  The space is roughly 20 by 20 with huge 15ft ceilings and beautiful natural light.  Rates and some recent work shot in the studio are below.  The possibilities are endless.  Moving forward I’ll have a more formal launch but wanted to keep this all fairly low key at first.   If you’d like to come see the space or make a reservation use the contact form above.