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Paris and London Editorial Project

On January 15th Ann Millington and Christian Gideon are setting out for two weeks of roaming Paris, Normandy, and London. Their goal for the trip is to connect with a brand and create a series of visuals balancing between gorgeous editorial work and the beauty in their travels together.

From laid back mornings spent in cafes to exploring gorgeous seaside cliffs, they will create a mood that represents the potential brand in a cinematic yet organic way. They want to maximize value for the brand by creating unique content that serves the brand in a variety of ways including use for social media, print, and web use. This would serve as an exclusive visual experience for one brand with content that can be rolled out over time therefore maximizing its value.

They will be using their flare for creative directing to style, location scout, and photograph each other over the entirety of the trip. Christian and Ann are both extremely comfortable on both sides of the camera (see below for images taken of each other) and feed off each other creatively. These visuals will feature a very clean editorial aesthetic with both inspirational and well recognized backdrops. In addition to the editorial images created for the potential brand their goal is to photograph behind the scenes travel and experiences for an exclusive look into the trip. They feel this exclusive look will create a powerful 1-2 punch for a potential brand that will inspire viewers of the work to connect with the brand.

Christian’s editorial work has been featured on An editorial project for Brixton was also fully creative directed by Christian including coordinating travel to Mexico, location scouting, and styling of models. He also has an extensive social media following with 45k Instagram followers, 10k Pinterest followers, as well as significant reach on Twitter and Facebook. His client list includes Heineken and Adidas Soccer among others.

Ann is newer to the scene yet produced this inspiring body of work from this past summer spent in Yosemite National Park that was recently featured on the Tsunami and Avalanche blog as well as launching her personal site.

They are seeking a brand that would provide product for the trip in addition to a total rate of $5000 for the trip. They feel it would be most beneficial to show the trip from beginning to end instead of specific days of shooting therefore avoiding a day rate for each day of shooting. This works best for Christian and Ann’s storytelling styles as well as maximizes the content and story for a potential brand while keeping cost to a minimum. Ann and Christian are aiming for December 20th to take someone on board and have an agreement in place.

To get the conversation started please contact Christian at

A short list of locations for the trip include :
An afternoon at the Eiffel Tower
Exploring cafes and streets of Paris
A two day trip to Mont Saint-Michel
A few days spent bouncing around London and surrounding areas
An EPL match between Stoke City and Manchester United
Various other wild outdoor locations