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In all of my communication with Myca leading up to her wedding she kept coming back to one thing. She wanted to be in the moment for this day. She had recently packed up her life and moved from Boston to Sheridan, Wyoming to be with Nathan so this was the culmination of a lot […]

I was sitting at the counter in a smoky breakfast diner in Greybull, Wyoming having a fairly average cup of coffee when it happened. The waitress walked up to the old tube television and turned up the volume a bit. The small group of farmers stopped their conversation and turned to tv with half interested […]

Things are a little crazy this summer but I’ve got a few blog posts coming down the pipe this week. Here’s a few of my favorite images from Sam and Connor’s wedding at the Bauer in downtown Kansas City. This place blew me away with it’s amazing warm natural light. Both families did an killer […]