Yes, I Still Shoot Weddings

Christian, do you still shoot weddings?

I’ve been asked this question quite often lately.  As I’ve explored filmmaking, editorial projects, and sports work, I’ve continued to document weddings.  These new fields I’m exploring led to quite the dominance on my social media platforms and I’m realizing the backlog of beautiful photographs I need to share with the world.

A few years ago I made a choice to stop looking at wedding trends, fads, and other photographer’s work.  The poses and presets I was seeing within the industry began to all look alike and I wanted zero part of that sameness.  Making art that comes from my soul has always been priority number one.  The truth is, my passion for working with artistic minded couples is at an all time high.   These photographs are the manifestation of those words.

Thank you to the clients that have commissioned me to continue creating within the unique style I’ve crafted over the years.  I’m nothing without those that believe in my vision.  So thank you to you all.

To future clients I’m now accepting limited weddings for the end of 2019 & 2020.  If you’re here – I sincerely hope you leave this post feeling inspired.  Let’s make something amazing together.