Jonathan Gonzalez Project

Over the past 3 months I’ve been working on this 3 part mini documentary on professional soccer player Jonathan Gonzalez.  The idea to tell his story started off in a bar in D.C. 9 months ago and grew into something I’m proud to put my name behind.

There’s so many overlooked stories that need telling in our political climate.  Now there’s one less.  As hard as I’ve worked on this project I’ve got to give my team all the credit.  They spent countless hours in the trenches bringing this vision to life.

Huge thanks to Locke & Stache for your hard work and vision in filming this and post production.  Tyler Kitchens that convo in a bar in DC turned into something special – your belief and work on this project was essential to it all coming together.
Catch Episode 1 and 2 below.