Film, A Love Story

Most days on the road start off about the same. I gather my bearings and begin the search for caffeine. Then I tend to move on to creative endeavors – but for the first half of 2017 I was in a deep funk. Little to no creative outlets caught my attention. Everything felt monotonous and repetitive.  I was stuck.

Found myself coming back to the question of how would I continue to push myself creatively. How to avoid the block that so many artists hit. For me the answer has been shooting film. In the past I had dabbled here and there with the medium but it felt time consuming. Something changed this year – I fell in love with slowing down and digging into the process. As artists we become so obsessed with end product we forget to see the beauty in the small moments.  Film gives me that feeling I had when I first picked up a camera.  We spend the majority of this creative life in the process so we damn sure better learn how to be in love with it. As a high energy/hard charger type, film has been a savior in this regard. The creative decisions it forces upon me are more concrete. They take large amounts of intention and commitment. I’ve used everything from beautiful medium format cameras to crappy 90’s point & shoots this year. The tool has never mattered much to me because the photographs always circle back to that intersection of commitment and intentionality.

Art it’s most basic is about using our voice to evoke emotions. My desire is that these images get you in touch with a few of your own. For now I’m headed back out on the road to continue exploring the process.

P.S. – I’ve received several requests for prints of this work.  If interested in purchasing a print drop me an email at for details.